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The vision

Building a website is really hard. You've either got the option of building your own with code - which is great if you're techy. However, if you lack coding and design skills, this option is not possible. The other option, is of course using a website builder. This option may be more accessible than the code route, however, it leaves you with a generic looking, boring and slow website.

Enter Aretav. First off, Aretav makes building a website cheaper. Rather than having to pay crazy amounts for hosting, a domain - and then eventually try and get that all configured, you can skip all of that with Aretav - and just publish your website; instantly.

If you're a company, you don't want to be wasting the time of your developers and designers building pages such as hiring and faq pages. Not only does it take a long time to design and then code these pages, it also takes ages to even make it to the live website. With Aretav, anyone on your team is able to build and have that page live on the internet in literally just an afternoon.

Open positions

Here are the roles that we're currently hiring for. To apply, or have any questions? Send us an email at

Founding design engineer

As a founding design engineer, you will be responsible for helping build and design the Aretav platform. You'll be working with tools such as Prisma, Next.js, TailwindCSS and Figma to create a seamless and powerful tool.

You're passionate about what you're building, and you're excited to ship. You have to be comfortable about making decisions - even when the path forwards may be unclear.

Communication is extremely important. We will work closely together as a team, and you have to be able to comfortably communicate with other members of the team, clients or users. There will be times where the majority of your day will be spent speaking with team members, rather than coding and designing.

Interested? Send us an email over at